NIKOS FRANGAKIS (Athens, 1945)

Managing Partner; admitted, 1971, Athens Βar Association. Admitted before the Supreme Courts of Greece.

Education: University of Athens Law School (Diploma, 1968); Cambridge University (Extra-mural Studies on English Law), University of Amsterdam (Amsterdam–Leyden–Columbia Program of American Law), the Hague Academy of International Law. Head of the Legal Service of the P.R. of Greece to the EC, Brussels, 1986-1989. Member of the Hellenic Data Protection Authority (1998-2008). Author of many books and articles on European and Greek Law, Editor-in-Chief, “Legal Forum” official monthly Journal of the Athens Bar (1979-2006).
Member: European Commission against Racism and Intolerance (Council of Europe, Chairperson 1998-2002), Trans European Policy Studies Association (Brussels), Hellenic Society of International Law and Relations (Treasurer, 1983-1987), Salzburg Seminar, European Lawyers Association, FIDE, Greek League on Human Rights (ex President); Greek Centre of European Studies and Research (Director since 1991, President since 2003).
Languages: Greek, English, French and Italian.
Practice Areas: European Law, Corporate Law, Arbitration, Investments. Administrative Law, Property Law, Tax Law, Human Rights, Litigation, Dispute Resolution.
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Partner; admitted, 1981 Athens Bar Association.

Education: University of Thessaloniki Law School. Judge of First Instance Court (1984-1999). Re-admitted Athens Bar Association (1999).
Languages: Greek, French and English.
Practice Areas: Civil Law, Commercial Law and Administrative Law.
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Associate. Member of the Athens Bar Association (admitted 2019)

Education: University of Athens, Faculty of Law
Languages: Greek, English, German
Areas of Practice: Civil Law, Administrative Law, Human Rights Law, European Law, Civil Law
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Associate. Member: Athens Bar Association; (admitted, 1976).

Education: University of Athens Law School (Diploma, 1975), College of Europe, Bruges, Belgium, 1980.
Languages: Greek, French and English.
Practice Areas: European Law, International Contracts, Administrative Law, Public International Law, Government Relations.
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Of Counsel. Member of the Athens Bar (1975-2012).

Studied Law at the Universities of Athens and Paris; PhD degrees by both Faculties respectively in European Law and Philosophy of Law; Fellow of the Hague Academy of International Law and Harvard University. Former Legal Advisor (Legal Service) of the European Commission, Senior Member of President’s Santer Cabinet and Head of the Financial Legislation Unit of the European Commission, Advisor of the Greek Minister of Foreign Affairs and of the President of the Republic of Cyprus. He has published books and articles on European topics in Europe and the USA. At present he teaches Public Law at the Law School of Athens University, he is Scientific Director of the Hellenic Centre of European Studies and Research (EKEME), collaborates with the European Public Law Centre (EPLC); special legal advisor for European affairs of the Finance Minister.
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